WES Network secretariat regularly shares updates via it google groups. Below are some of the updates that is shared to its members and partners.


Cases as of 22/07/2020 1:20pm
New cases=104
Total Confirmed Cases=3149
Total Active cases=1822
Total Recovered 1256 (76 new)
Total Deaths= 71(7 new)
Total Tests Conducted= 24822 (347 new)
Minister of Health Khumbize Chiponda, says Treasury has released K90 Million for risk allowances for Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Kamuzu Central Hospital healthcare workers.  Chiponda who is the co-chairperson for the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 said this follows as response to the public outcry claiming government is falling to pay risk allowances for front line health workers. The funds will cover the hospitals for two weeks. Commenting and confirming on the matter, QECH Director Samson Mndolo  said that the hospital received MK45M and duties have resumed to normal. He further commented that the hospital had 20 COVI-19 patients in the isolation ward  which means there is also a need of 20 more health workers because each patient in the (Intensive Care Unit) ICU needs a nurse and also that COVID-19 patients need 2 or 3 times more oxygen required by other patients.   (The Nation 20 July 2020)
The Ministry of Health has dismissed fears of a potential rise in COVID-19 cases after the country hit 3045 mark on Monday, three months after recording its first cases on April 2. The Ministry also disputed allegations that there could be more cases out there which have not yet been tested and recorded because of lack of test kits. Health Rights Activists, George Jobe said that the country has community structures  such as Health Action Groups, Village Health committees and Area Development Committees among others that can support the call.(The Nation 22 July 2020)
During the WASH Cluster meeting which have been scheduled for every Mondays especially as a response to COVID-19; members discussed a number of issues and below are the key points:
  • The need for joint fundraising
  • Need to map the various challenges associated with the pandemic e.g. Availability of resources in treatment units, transit centers etc
  • WASH Cluster to work and coordinate with the Health Cluster
  • The Water department through the office of the Director of Water Supply and Sanitation Services to make updates on the M-Water system
  • Cluster plan to be developed by Friday 24th July 2020 so that members can make inputs
  • District plans must also be shared with cluster members
Following an update on the review of the Sanitation and Water Policy from  the Chief Economist from the planning department, stating that reviewing of the Sanitation Policy has been put on hold in order to avoid the challenges the Water Policy review process had (more details in the minutes attached)
WES Network’s Water Policy Task force which comprise of CICOD, CCODE, Baseflow, ONSE, Water for People, Welt Hunger Hilfe, Rural Development Partners, Water for People, WaterAid and Association of Environmental Professionals will on Tuesday continue the development of the Water Policy Brief via zoom. The exercise has been facilitated with support from Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH).
WES Network will on Thursday 23 July and Friday 24th July carry out a COVID-19 assessment exercise at Maula Prison and other Health Centers in Lilongwe and boarder districts thus; Dedza and Karonga. The exercise is meant to assess the available gaps to effectively distribute resources needed as a response to the pandemic. The exercise will be carried with support from WSSCC and has also sub-granted institutions championing the Living No one Behind Campaign (LNOB) like CAHESH.
Development of the WES Network Data Collection Tool is in its final stage.The tool is what feeds the CSO Performance Report. WES Network secretariat is therefore urging members to cooperate and contribute to the data collection exercise to enhance knowledge sharing of sector performance once the tool has been shared.
In a quest to lobby for tax exemption on sanitary absorbents, WES Network secretariat met the Director for Reproductive Health Madam Fannie Kachale. Madam Kachale consulted the PS from the planning department who advised WES Network to present the issues to the department so it should be tabled during the treasury meeting in October. As a part of the Safe Motherhood TWG, the issues paper will be endorsed by her office. The MHM Hub was represented by WES Network secretariat, WaterAid and MAGGA.