The Availability accessibility,quality and reliability of research and technologies are a challenge although some WES members have conducting research of various kinds and have developed technologies. The framework for sharing research findings and technologies are not in place.

Therefore the overall goal of its existence is to enhance knowledge, research and technology sharing for improved WASH service delivery which has been a challenge in the sector despite the availability of several useful information. Through the TWG we anticipate:

1. Increased knowledge through research.

2. Increased adoption and usage of new technologies, more effective approaches and practices.

Below are the strategies put in place to in order to achieve its goal and objectives:

  1. Establish mechanisms for identifying research areas
  2. Foster collaboration between academic institutions such as universities ad practitioners
  3. Utilize information sharing platforms
  4. TWGs to meet regularly
  5. Introduce newsletter for circulation to members
  6. Share documents on New technologies and research findings.
  7. Mapping of existing research and ongoing research projects.


Concerted efforts in policy advocacy have proved difficult in the WASH sector. WES members are performing advocacy largely as individual entities leading to conflicting messages, duplication of efforts and/or wastage on resources. Malawi is also a signatory to various WASH related Protocols that include the Sustainable Development Goals. There is a need therefore for concerted efforts for implementation and monitoring of the progress.

Through the PA TWG we would like to have:

  1. Improved Water Environmental Sanitation Services
  2. Coordinated advocacy
  3. Lobby for adequate funding in the sector
  4. Regional Chapters

Explanation, purpose, examples of positive outcomes from meetings, chairing organisations, intention to lunch a district chapter in 2019

  • Sector Platforms
  • National Sanitation and Hygiene Coordinating Unit (NSHCU)
  • National ODF Task Force (NOTF)
  • Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) task fore
  • Water Sector Development Partners Group
  • WASH Cluster (Emergency WASH Response