“Oooh guys! thank you! I did not expect it! Honestly!” Exclaimed Muthi Ndlema who is the team leader for BASEflow; a local NGO implementing ground water interventions.

“Congratulations Muthi, that’s a well deserved award. I now understand why,” Joked Ruth from another local NGO; AG Care while congratulating BASEflow with a handshake.

The somber mood had subdued the room. Tired from the presentation segment; the exhausted and drowsy faces could be observed from a distance.

7 December 2021 was the day. All roads led to Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe where WES Network held its fourth Annual General Meeting.

The election of the new WES Network board of directors was what fascinated many. Followed by a set of presentations.

“Now the secretariat would like to recognize and appreciate the efforts and impact of some members in a special way,” announced Morris the facilitator and the room cheered up and was again alive and energetic.

United Purpose, WaterAid, World Vision and CPAR were certified to be the most active members for the year 2021 with Baseflow emerging first in the category.

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the most prestigious awards, which goooes tooooo!   W  H   H!!!!

Chanting, clapping and ululating filled the bamboo room as Renata from WHH walked to the front to get the certificate and the trophy for the most impactful institution.

The AGM elected WHH, WaterAid, Baseflow, CPAR and World Vision as the new Board of Directors for WES Network.