Knowledge is power! Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

WES Network secretariat organized the first ever WASH Fair to enhance knowledge sharing.

As it has been the trend, there is so much data, innovations and technologies being hid in offices or just elsewhere which if put into proper use, the WASH sector would greatly improve and propagate economic growth.

Partners came forth to exhibit various WASH interventions which attracted onlookers.


Mr Phiri is both a commercial and domestic farmer. He grows soya, maize in Mchinji, a district located at the central part of Malawi. Growing his output and productivity, he decided to buy an irrigation pump from one service provider (name withheld).

The melancholic mood turned somber as the pump could not perform as expected. It could only pump water equivalent to 10 watering canes for a  seven hectare land. This frustrated Mr Phiri’s expectations. The money lost and low productivity irked him most.

He had lost hope of purchasing another pump. He felt dumped.

On a lighter note, the WASH Fair saved his day. He met Beyond Water who had shed more light on pumps; functionality, life span, installation etc. This insight brought back Mr Phiri’s hope for pumps. He now knows why!

Mr Phiri now commits to buy an irrigation pump from Beyond Water whose functionality has proven excellent beyond doubts.

Mr Phiri is one of the onlookers that passed by the WASH Fair which was patronized by several other organisations