Meet Kisa Mwampangire.

She is one of the inmates at Mzuzu Prison, one of the 30 Prisons in Malawi. She is among the 157 female inmates out a total of 13,082 inmates in the country.

Kisa was convicted while in possession of skills in tailoring. While in prison as an inmate, courtesy of WSSCC in collaboration with Saint John of God Hospital, Kisa acquired additional skills in making of re-usable sanitary pads using locally sourced absorbent materials. Kisa could not hide her excitement for the new additional skill, and she was ready to continue to helping to make nice re-usable sanitary pads for fellow inmates. Beyond prison life, Kisa hinted that she will continue to make the pads which she will be selling to fellow community members in Karonga, and at an affordable price.