People around Masasa location in Mzuzu city(Malawi), can now afford a smile knowing that their environment is safer and their women have been dignified because of the coming of an incinerator at Mzuzu Female Prison that has been constructed by St John of God (SJOG).

SJOG had trained both inmates and and prison warders on MHM and one of the recommendations was an incinerator for burning reusable pads at the institution.  SJOG later constructed the incinerator which is currently in use.

SJOG Programmes Manager Chris briefing the team

According to the Officer in Charge at the Prison, Mahara Wipha, the incinerator is also benefiting communities around and the entire prison community. “Initially you would find used pads within the prison premises thus; both at staff houses and inmate premises; sometimes in the community. This was because the prison does not have pit latrines so flushing pads in flush toilets is chaotic especially because it leads to blockage. Therefore, many people would put them in a bit to be burned later of which before the burning, dogs would litter them all over. As for the inmates, they would keep all used pads under their mattresses for some time until they are burned. You can imagine the odor,” Wipha said.

Wipha Right and Madam Mbalame

Inmates also appreciated the gesture saying the dignity of their womanhood has been saved.

One of the inmates as she appreciated the gesture