Yesterday, WES Network secretariat and members met the Parliamentary Committee for Natural Resources and Climate Change to discuss water issues.  Among other issues discussed were need to increase both National and district WASH funding and allocation, long term investments & long term benefits, maximizing the value of water through infrastructural investments, water as a natural resource for economy growth  and the need for collaboration among donors, NGOs and the parliamentarians.
The committee asked WES Network to facilitate coordination between parliamentarians and stakeholders on issues to do with borehole drilling  which is a challenge at the moment. The parliamentarians were also urged to utilize the available data at their respective District Water Offices.

MP raising a point

Addressing the 21 members, the National Coordinator, Mr. Willies Mwandira expressed concern over the proposal to de activate the WASH Cluster and asked the parliamentarians to help fight for water if as a country we are serious and mean business.