Not being conversant with national guidelines when implementing projects has been a contributing factor to construction of substandard structures like boreholes among others according to assessments that WES Network has and is carrying in various districts of Malawi. WES Network secretariat with support from Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) facilitated a knowledge sharing exercise with the National Sanitation and Hygiene Technical Committee (NSHTC)   which is a National coordinating team comprising of the various Ministries and being chaired by the Ministry of Health where WES Network is the secretary.  Below is a brief outline of the Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy as presented by the NSHTC Chairperson Mr. Holystone Kafanikhale.

Part of Nkhotakota DC team


  • Elimination  of open defecation by 2024
  • Solid liquid waste management
  • Removal of Subsidy to increase access to improved sanitation and hygiene
  • ODF Verification protocols- 100% thus no progressive levels
  • Chairmanship of DCT from DPD to DEHO
  • 127/273 TAs are ODF
  • 18/47 N, 59/104 C, 50/122 

The Chairperson also presented the Environmental Health Policy. The exercise has so far been done in Chitipa, Mzimba, Nkhotakota and Kasungu districts and intend to scale up.