This video is showing one District Water Development Officer (DWDO), Mr. Edwin Mchilikizo in Mulanje where him and colleagues where effortlessly demolishing a seemingly substandard constructed borehole. Mchirikizo was removing the cement surrounding the construction with his hand and the entire borehole shook and seemed detached whilst drawing water.

According to comments from various WASH practitioners, the responsible constructor is to be held accountable for the poor work done which not only will sanitation be compromised, but also could pose a health hazard to people with visual impairment.

This comes at a time when WES Network with support from WSSCC, is advocating for exclusivity to ensure that no one is being left behind in as far as achieving SDG 6 is concerned. WES Network has so far embarked and facilitated a sensitization exercise where the Ministry of Health and the the Water department is sharing copies and content of National Guidelines to stakeholders as one way of enhancing resource distribution in as far as access to clean and portable water is concerned. Issues of accountability, supervision and quality are part of the National Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy which the National Sanitation and Hygine Technical Committee’s chairperson and WES Network which is also the secretary is sharing to stakeholders in the country.

WES Network is yet to get more details from the Water Officer- Mr Edwin Mchirikizo.

Meanwhile, WES Network’s National Coordinator is appealing to all WASH stakeholders and the general public to be conversant and familiarize themselves with National guidelines thus, strategies, policies etc. to avoid compromising standards of facilities.