1. Cases as of 14/07/2020
New Cases: 67
Deaths: 40
Recovered: 795
Active Cases: 1 662
2. Government, through the Ministries responsible for Health and Local Government had set prevention and Management rules of COVID-19. This came to light in a statement signed by Dr John Phuka on 10th June 2020. ( ). Among others, weddings were suspended, markets were to be fumigated and other gatherings were to be conducted following preventive measures.
The High Court had since suspended the rules the Presidential task force had introduced and advised the office to reverse the decision by means of a press release following a judgement from the Court. The letter that was signed by Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe  was addressed to the Chairperson of the Presidential Task Force copying the Chief Secretary to Government and the Secretary to Health. (×300.jpeg)
3. WES Network Secretariat is today engaging with WASH officials (NGOs and govt) to understand sector financing in Machinga district. One key issue that has transpired is that the district’s DCT is ensuring that no NGO implements a project without the knowledge of the DCT or disclosing their budget. CSOs  are thereby signing an MOU to ensure adherence. The Water Office has since disclosed that  from the ORT, the office gets a total of MK600 000.00 every month.
WES Network has meanwhile been urged to have a legal mandate to ensure that CSOs are held accountable.