On 4th November 2020, African Finance Ministers (Malawi inclusive) held a successful dialogue on WASH investments. Being SWA partners WES Network (secretariat and members) and UNICEF facilitated the participation of our Finance Minister Hon. Felix Mlusu and the two key Sector ministries; Hon. Nancy Tembo (Min. of Forestry and Natural Resources) and Hon. Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda (Min. of Health).
The board chair for WES network also made a brief presentation of the strides Malawi has achieved so far specifically regarding resource allocation.
As a follow-up and progress tracking activity, SWA secretariat is therefore encouraging all SWA countries to share quotes from their Ministers and other leaders that will be globally shared. WES Networks’ secretariat will therefore be facilitating the process in due course.
Following the first ever FMM that the current new administration has attended, a new horizon has opened for Malawi. For the first time in a long time Malawi ministers have shown commitment through the various engagements with stakeholders. Again, a well coordinated approach with both NGOs, donor partners and Government has been experienced. Malawi has so far had follow-up meetings since the FMM to strategize how best to integrate WASH and income generation. #FMM2020