WESNetwork secretariat frequently makes updates to its members on sector activities via its google group. here is a glimpse of some of the updates.


The just ended year was both rewarding and challenging.  An increase in funds allocation to the WASH sector in the national budget, political will as evidenced by the several engagements with the critical Ministries (Finance, Health and Forestry & Natural Resources) and enhanced mutual accountability just to mention a few; are some of the strides achieved last year.
On the other had COVID-19 had been the major challenge as a number of crucial sector activities were either cancelled or postponed rendering slow progress. We are however grateful for the untiring efforts of members and partners in responding to the pandemic. On a sad note, we had also lost some catalysts for WASH. (May their departed souls rest in power)
Amidst the devastating conditions, WES Network Secretariat congratulate all WASH players for the achievements  made in the year 2020.
Already with the mutated virus for Covid-19, the year 2021 still requires our dedicated, continued and coordinated work, of cause; among other sector needs.
If you are reading this, congratulations for 2020!  A toast to 2021!
Machinga District Council has deployed members of the Civil Protection Committee to various places to assess buildings that can be used as evacuation centers as part of the measures to protect people from the the “possible”  impact of Cyclone Chalane (The Nation 1 January 2021)
Fears have arouse that the MK1.2 billion that government raised in the 2019/2020 financial year through carbon tax is prone to mismanagement in the absence of  guidelines. Government through the the Treasury has assured that the money has not yet been spent. The revenue was pledged to be channeled  to environment related programmes to counter climate change impacts.  (The Nation January 1 2021). This comes at a time when the MCCCI asks for another extension of the Voluntary Tax Compliance Window to give relief to businesses heavily affected with Covid-19 which was opened  from April to November last year.
The Public Health Institute of Malawi submitted an application to access some of the diagnostics and the Ministry of Health has been preparing applications to access vaccines for virus.
During the festive season, Malawi has been receiving returnees from all over including South Africa which is a victim of  the new mutated corona virus. It is within the same period that Malawi has had a rise of new cases compared to early December days and backwards.
Statistics as of 3 January 2021
New cases: 132
Active cases: 750
New tests conducted: 607
New recoveries: 5
New deaths: 3
In a statement  dated January 2 2021, form the Ministry of Education, the Ministry in conjunction with the Ministry of Health shall closely monitor all education institutions and advise of any change and directions according to the situation on the ground. This follows as schools re open today amid a COVID rise.