Organisations implementing various Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects in Dedza district have been challenged to priotise collaboration as one way of dealing with issues affecting the WASH sector.

Some of the challenges affecting the WASH sector include inadequate human and monetary resources allocated towards the sector at both district and national level. Deliberations during a WeltHungerHilfe organised Annual Joint Review Meeting held on Wednesday in Lilongwe, have established that harmonisation and learning from each other remain some of the available options for organisations and the district council to make sure that people are provided with the WASH services they need. The exchange and coordination workshop aimed at briefing stakeholders and partners about WASH projects in Dedza district and sharing commitments, aligning projects and activities to the District Strategic Investment Plan (DSIP). Emerging issues and overlaps in the sector were also identified and solutions provided to harmonise strategies and approaches.