Why taxing menstrual products as a luxury?
By taxing menstrual products we were sending a message of inequality and an explicit bias because women and adolescent girls were being targeted got an involuntary body function.
Similarly with water!
Water is recognized as a human right.
By taxing a basic need we were sending a message to say a human right and water itself is a luxury!
It has been a four year advocacy journey. Throughout the process the themes for the Menstrual Hygiene Management (now referred to as Menstrual Health) has been cornered towards “Action” and we are excited to see our petitions being actioned.
During the 4 year journey, we’ve had engagements with parliamentary committees, parliamentary women caucus, institutionalized a female advocate who is also the Minister of Gender and Social Welfare; Hon. Patricia Kaliati as a Menstrual Champion for Malawi and held outdoor events among the several other activities.
We believe this is a stepping stone to more and greater strides in promoting menstrual Health for the adolescent girls in Malawi.
Affordability and accessibility of menstrual products has been a hitch for the well-being of adolescent girls and women in Menstrual Health.
Plans are still underway to ensure that the well-being of the key beneficiaries is furthered and sustained.