We are leaving no stone unturned.
On 16 February 2022 we also met the women caucus in parliament as we lobbied for removal of tax on sanitary products (menstrual pads and cups) and Institution of a National steering committee for Menstrual Health in Malawi.
We are pleased to inform you that the committee has assured us that FOR NOW; sanitary pads and cups meant for distribution will be VAT and Import duty free.
Soon we are engaging the Ministry of Finance to conduct a cost benefit analysis so that menstrual pads and cups can be affordable on the local market.
And we said, “We feel that these taxes are discriminatory and perpetuate gender inequality. Menstrual products are basic necessities and a matter of human rights. By taxing menstrual products as a “luxury” item, we are sending a message of inequality and explicit gender bias because women and girls are being taxed for an involuntary body function.
One member commented, “it’s like we are being taxed for being women”
Our goal is to ensure that sanitary products are accessible and affordable while promoting gender equity, empowerment and the general well-being of girls and women in Malawi.