1. One  in three healthcare facilities do not have readily available access to handwashing facilities and almost half of healthcare facilities in least developed countries lack basic water services!!!
  2. globally, 3 billion people lack access to soap and water at home to wash their hands,1 and 1.8 billion people are at higher risk of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases because they use or work in a healthcare facility which lacks basic water services

The above have been highlighted in a lobby brief by WaterAid to the Ministry of Health through the Principal Secretary where the government has been urged to:

  • Report back on National progress for the WHA72.7 resolution on WASH in health care facilities
  • Champion the importance of WASH in Health care facilities
  • Encourage bilateral and multilateral donors to invest in a coordinated funding drive committing  at least US $1.2 billion by the end of 2021 towards meeting the financial costs of delivering universal WASH services in all health care facilities.
  • End the COVID-19 pandemic by promoting equal access to the vaccine

Read the report below for more.

Malawi Government; Champion WASH at the 2021 World Health Assembly