Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) stakeholders in Malawi are geared to induce a change in the lives of the women and girls by addressing a couple of gaps in MHM.

As of 2016, an average Malawian household earns MWK 164,191 per year and households consuming less than this are classified as living in poverty.(

The cheapest pad pack costs MK500. 00 and  average during menstruation a girl uses 12 packs of pads annually which amounts to MK6000.00. For a family living in poverty it is therefore almost impossible to afford the sanitary products at the expense of other household basic needs. This has therefore perpetuated period poverty.

The Malawi Menstrual Hub has therefore taken advantage of this year’s MHM day 28 May to advocate for accessibility and affordability of sanitary pads through advocating for removal of tax on sanitary products among other.

The hub will document photo stories, video clips, hold a panel discussion, developed a positions paper and an issues paper highlighting the challenges and the recommendations.