Speaking during the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) meeting today, WES Network’ s National Coordinator Willies Mwandira has highlighted WES Network’s involvement in the currently under review Water Policy and how strengthened systems have been under the Mutual Accountability Project that is being supported by WSSCC. In his presentation Mwandira said for the first time, WES Network has spearheaded the first ever District JSR processes which has provided  a platform for various districts to critically participate and be held accountable from the district level to the National level. This has also resulted to vibrant participation of WES Network members at district level.  Regarding the Water Policy review, WES Network under the Policy and Advocacy TWG developed a brief which has recommendations on how best the WASH sector can be improved which will be shared with the consultant reviewing the policy as part of the issues to be included in the policy. The ANEW meeting was attended by over over 83 participants from across Africa.