Become a Member of  WESNetwork

If you are an organisation that is registering with WESNetwork for the first time, please refer to the form to register with us . Once registered, member organisations renew their membership through an annual subscription.

Annual subscriptions payments for 2020 are still under way. Please contact us if you are a member and have not received an invoice.


As a member of WES Network you are privileged to:

  1. Capacity building activities
  2. Participation and membership of the sector’s global/national platforms and activities, eg. Donor partners(DP), National Sanitation and Hygiene Technical Committee (NSHTC), Menstrual Hygiene Management(MHM) Hub, Technical Working Groups (TWGs)
  3. Enhanced visibility of your organization to a wider sector through our various platforms 
  4. Learning and sharing activities/best practices of/to other sector members
  5. Representation on sector platforms through WES Network
  6. Contribute to the country’s policy making and reviewing processes
  7. Join advocacy campaigns that aim to improve the local WASH sector
  8. Work cordially with government and civil servants organizations


2019 Paid up Members

  • CPAR
  • DAPP Malawi
  • Lilongwe Islamic Movement
  • PumpAid
  • Plan Malawi
  • United Purpose
  • WaterAid
  • Water Missions
  • ELDS
  • Baseflow

2020 Paid Up Members So Far

  • Action Hope
  • AG Care
  • CPAR
  • DAPP
  • Evidence Action
  • Feed the Children
  • InterAide
  • Mzuzu University WATSAN
  • Rural Development Partners
  • Water for People
  • WaterAid
  • Water for People
  • Welt Hunger Hilfe
  • Heart to Heart
  • Pump Aid

2018 Paid up Members

  • Assemblies of God Care (AG Care)BASEDA
  • BASEflow
  • Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief
  • (CPAR)
  • Development Aid from People to People
  • (DAPP)
  • ELDS
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • Evidence Action
  • Feed the Children
  • Fisherman’s Rest
  • Rural Development Partners
  • GOAL Malawi
  • Habitat for Humanity Malawi
  • Hygiene Village Project
  • InterAide
  • Mzuzu University (MZUNI)
  • Orant Charities
  • Project Concern International (PCI)
  • Participatory Development Initiatives(PDI)
  • Plan International
  • Polytechnic University of Malawi-WASHTED
  • Participatory Rural Development
  • Organization (PRDO)
  • Pump Aid
  • Synod of Livingstonia Development
  • Department/ CCAP SMART Centre
  • United Purpose
  • Water Aid
  • Water for People
  • Water Mission
  • World Vision International
  • Bawi Consultants
  • Waste Malawi

Once registered, member organizations become and renew their membership through an annual subscription.

Annual subscription payments for 2020 are still underway. Please contact us if you are a member and have not received an invoice.